[MONTHLY REPORT] PIST TRUST Monthly Report (Oct 2021)

관리자 │ 2022-01-04



Hello, this is the PIST TRUST Team here to share what we have been working on this month. 

We are constantly working hard to achieve our goals and visions, so please give us a lot of support and interest.


Technical Development:

PIST Wallet 2.0 Development

For user’s convenience, we are redesigning our UI/UX easier to use than the existing PIST Wallet. 

The UI/UX designs are already finished, and beta version is already in the testing process for the full version.

PIST Virtual Account Service Development and Beta Testing

The KYC verification and deposit record inquiry function have finished development and we are preparing for the official release after the integration testing is finished.

P PASS API Development

P Pass Point API (deposit/verification/use) development is complete, and further testing is planned with PG companies to facilitate the service without any problems.

PIST Wallet Bug fix & Optimization

The problems and errors found in the existing PIST Wallet and DApp have been fixed and optimized.


PIST TRUST Homepage remodeling:

We are remodeling the PIST TRUST website to fit our vision and goals of PIST than the existing monotonous homepage.


PIST Trust is a one-stop platform that relies on blockchain digital token technology to complete digitalized assets securitization, trust digitalization and liquidation, asset management through value measuring stablecoin ‘P PASS’ and digital asset ‘PIST’ coin.

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