관리자 │ 2022-01-04



Hello everyone, PIST TRUST is here to share what we have been working on in this weekly update. We will strive and work continuously to make our platform easy to access and use for the community.


Technical Development:

1. PIST Wallet Version 2.0

  • Functions and UI/UX are complete for launch
  • Detailed development for user accessibility and app navigation
  • Beta test for PIST Wallet V2.0 DApp functions in progress

2. PIST DApp

  • DApp functions successfully integrated in PIST Wallet V 2.0
  • Beta test in progress

3. PIST Virtual Bank Withdrawal/Deposit System

  • KYC review processing function supplement work in progress
  • Multilingual processing
  • Bug fix
  • Adjustment of deposit limit and withdrawal limit
  • Preparation of P PASS for exchange with KRW for withdrawal

4. PIST Github

  • PIST Chain data is available in view in Github

5. PIST NFT Market

- UI/UX update

- Beta testing for NFT Marketplace is in progress

- Service fee and transaction fee adjusted

- Homepage tab added

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