[Project] PIST Wallet App Now Available on iOS & Android

관리자 │ 2022-03-07



Hello, everyone. We are excited to announce that our first version of PIST Wallet has been released where users can enjoy both cryptocurrency wallet functions and DApps services.


First public release of PIST Wallet will have the following functions.

ㆍWeb 3.0 compatibility to allow connectivity to DApps

ㆍSwift and automatic wallet creation process

ㆍPIST coin and P PASS stablecoin swap services.

ㆍStaking services and rewards (PIST coin)

ㆍPIST Mainnet explorer

ㆍQuick and instantaneous transaction process.

These are the basic features of our PIST Wallet aka cryptocurrency wallet. 

We are already planning to add more features to the wallets as we enter the last quarter of 2021.We are satisfied with the current state of the wallet and its current developments. But that doesn’t mean we will stop adding more features and services. We believe that this is just the first step in the right direction.

Currently, we are testing our virtual bank account to services (VBA) on our DApp because we believe that purchasing cryptocurrency and selling should be a simple and easy process. 

After the integration of VBA services, users will be able to purchase our coin “PIST” with KRW(Korean-won) and withdraw KRW after swapping PIST to P PASS. 

In result, omitting during the process of purchase and selling of cryptocurrencies through crypto exchanges.

PIST Wallet is available on android and the app store for download and if there are any questions, please email info@pisttrust.com

Safety Tips

1. We recommended all users to write down the mnemonic in the correct order on a sheet of paper and keep it in a safe place instead of taking a screenshot of the mnemonic in your phone.

2. Users can get their private key in the “Backup wallet” from the right tab in the wallet main page

3. Be sure to remember your set password. Your transactions cannot be completed without the password.

Telegram Group: https://t.me/pisttrust

Kakaotalk (Korean): https://open.kakao.com/o/g2s3id9c

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PistTrust

Website: http://pisttrust.com/

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