[Project] “PIST” coin is now listed on CoinMarketCap

관리자 │ 2022-03-07



PIST TRUST is pleased to announce to the community that PIST coin is now listed on CoinMarketCap, the world’s leading crypto market data provider.


To briefly note, CoinMarketCap is the most popular source for tracking cryptocurrency prices with ≈30M monthly visits. 

The platform provides users with various statistics and high-quality, accurate data on over 5,000 coins and tokens underlying different blockchains.


On PIST’s CMC page, users will be able to track the following data:

- Price of PIST coin and 24-hour trading volume

- Websites, communities, explorers, and whitepaper

- Market cap, listed exchanges, and trading pairs

- Newsfeed of PIST related news.

Hopefully, with the help of CoinMarketCap platform, we hope it can help the PIST community and other global users to access valuable information on PIST TRUST. 
We believe that communication is very important for the project and the community. 
So, we always hope to accurately deliver high-quality information of PIST to everyone.


PIST TRUST is a high-performance Mainnet supporting various digital assets, decentralized applications, and blockchain services. 
PIST Mainnet will introduce a new paradigm for Mainnet ecosystems offering infrastructure to CeFI, DeFi, NFT, Game-Fi, and Metaverse along with interoperability via built-in cross-chain bridge.

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