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PIST TRUST is a high-performance Mainnet supporting various digital assets, decentralized applications and blockchain services.
PIST Mainnet will introduce a new paradigm for Mainnet ecosystems building the infrastructure to CeFi, DeFi, NFT, Game-Fi and
Metaverse along with interoperability via built in cross-chain bridge.

With PIST Mainnet as the core base of blockchain network operations, the two-token system of “PIST” coin and “P Pass” stablecoin
enables sustainable expansion of PIST ecosystem and serves as a link bridge to the real economy.

  • PIST Mainnet

    The PIST Mainnet is an independent blockchain network linked with traditional bank system and is the control tower of the network protocols (CeFi, DeFi, Game-Fi, NFT and Metaverse).

    The Mainnet is structured to constantly develop and operate various decentralized applications, various protocols, cross-chain bridges and HyFi financial instruments to create a perpetual expanding Mainnet ecosystem.

  • Hybrid Finance Protocol (HyFi)

    The Hybrid Finance Protocol is built on the PIST Mainnet and is a digital asset management of DeFi protocol combined with centralized finance infrastructure with KYC & AML process.

    The HyFi protocol is the link bridge between blockchain and the real economy of the PIST Mainnet. The Protocol enables the decentralized applications, financial instruments, and platforms to function on the blockchain ecosystem and on the real economy.

  • Interlinked DApp Protocols

    Each protocols of the CeFi, DeFi, NFT, Game-Fi and Metaverse interoperate on the PIST Mainnet forming a unique interoperation protocols of Dapps.

    The CeFi-DeFi protocol provide decentralized financial instrument throughout the PIST Mainnet and the platform protocols of Game-Fi Network, NFT Marketplace and PIST Metaverse share their platform services to one platform forming an interoperable ecosystem.



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