Ecosystem Overview

The PIST Mainnet is designed to accommodate multiple tokens, diverse DApps, and act as the link bridge to traditional bank systems and blockchain systems. The base mechanism of the Mainnet secures cross-chain interoperability, security, scalability, and composability in the network architecture.


Core Tech

  • Consensus Mechanism
  • Governance
  • Node Execution
  • DApp
  • Cross-chain Protocol
  • PIST Wallet
  • TX Manager
  • Chain Service
Chain Service
  • DeFi Protocol
  • Virtual Bank Account
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Game-Fi
  • Metaverse
  • Blockchain Data
  • DB Manager
  • MySQL
  • TX Node

The PBFT-DPoS is the consensus mechanism governs the authentication, scalability and integrity of the PIST network.

The optimized PBFT algorithm linked with DPoS mechanism reduces communication time between nodes and improves the overall consensus efficiency.

PBFT-DPoS Consensus Mechanism

PIST Wallet is a self-developed Web 3.0 cryptocurrency wallet supporting custody of various digital assets, decentralized applications, PIST decentralized platform services and digital asset management.

PIST Wallet – Decentralized Applications
  • Asset Custody : Custody of various digital assets and Non-fungible tokens (NFT)
  • Staking : Users can earn interests by staking “PIST” coin or other digital assets
  • Scan : PIST Blockchain explorer tool to help navigate pending, or confirmed transactions
  • Swap : Liquidity pool of PIST/P Pass allowing asset conversion)
  • Mapping : Conversion Function of PIST coin and PIST token (erc-20)
  • PIST Bank : The Crypto-Fiat conversion system; exchange window for crypto and fiat money